Good morning April

Good morning April. It's definitely autumn here in my garden, while my gardening friends in the northern hemisphere are enjoying daffodils, tulips, spring blossom. Ah! Those will be the days...

 The view from the Hen-House Gardens.
Duck Lawn in Autumn

I have a list :

  1. Do a big-scale clean-up of the Hen House Gardens and paths.
  2. Divide any Renga Renga that needs splitting into pieces, pot up.
  3. Deconstruct large green Phormium, split into pieces, pot up.

And there's a spare one :

  1. Maybe organise Non-Gardening Partner to prune lower Oak tree branches.
 Beautiful greenery!
Hen House Garden Path

If I half-finish half of these things, then April will have had an amazing, awesome start. My reward is a late afternoon visit to the Baby/Toddy, to watch his new tricks - clapping his hands and walking (he's still a bit wobbly). It's the circle of life, where the rather young and the rather old do the wobbly walking, hee hee.

Much later...

Yeay! All three items done and ticked off. Am so proud. An exceptional day - alas, no energy left to organise NGP, but his jobs will keep.

I love the structure - the design? - of the Henhouse Gardens. Have cleared the paths, which all make sense. Yeay! I love the green-ness of the plantings - it's a wonderful place in which to spend a long afternoon.

Wednesday 3rd April

Wow! I've been busy. I've planted the new Ceanothus in the Hump and created a path with edging logs to wiggle past it into the new area. Then I dug up a barrowful of ash, trundled it over to the brick courtyard, and filled in the hole. Naturally the bricks which I'd lifted up did not immediately fit when re-lowered. Used a hammer and a screwdriver to chip everything into shape.

 Beautiful autumn colours.
Oak Leaf Hydrangeas in Autumn

That doesn't seem like much work, but it took me over three hours. Gardening is funny like that.