Path versus Azaleas...

 Ready for its sand base.
Relaid Brick Path

Yeay! Some busy days re-routing the brick path which leads into the spiral courtyard. To shift the path or give the deciduous Azaleas a major trim? That was the question. The Azaleas won by a country mile.

Very proud...

Am very proud of myself. I was trundling past with my wheelbarrow full of tools, intending to weed and trim the edges of the border. Noticed that the Azaleas had suddenly grown much larger - funny this!

Toddled into the wee courtyard via the path to check for weeds. Oops. Didn't fit - had to duck and dive, crashed into the greenery. It was a problem, so I sat down and started fixing it then and there. Simple!

Now tree roots from a Pittosporum stump need removing. Can't find the axe - suspect that Non-Gardening Partner has hidden it from me. I've dug out some Agapanthus clumps - these can easily be replanted along the new edge.

A minor subsidence in the brick courtyard needs investigating. Not sure what happened there - maybe a tree stump rotted down, who knows. That super-spreading Euphorbia needs dealing with, too. Such a nuisance.

I trimmed some of the lower branches of the Copper Beech - the hugest of trees, its arms reaching far and wide. The green Phormiums near the water race need cleaning up, and a sad surviving rose should come out (think it's Sharifa Asma). Plenty of work still to do before this garden's clean-up is finished.

 The most beautiful colours.
Two Late Dahlias

Now, with clean body, hair, and fingernails, I am off to sing in an Easter concert (Bach's St. John Passion). Tra la la...

Saturday 30th March

Have spent the afternoon finishing the new path layout. I'm very happy with the new curve. Have shown NGP the scary hole. He assures me that there is nothing alive down there under the ground. I will fill it up with soil and wee stones, and relay the bricks on top.

 In the Agapanthus.
Hen and Rooster Statues

Finished my day in Henworld (I was looking for infill for the courtyard hole). No luck, but picked up a barrowful of firewood logs instead. Popped some hen and rooster statues back up on their legs, pulled lots of gum tree mess off the Agapanthus and Renga Renga, pulled out weedy grasses.

 Another beautifully coloured flower.
Late Dahlia

I'll do it!

Aha! Another garden area which needs me - just two hours and a rake would make a huge difference. I'll do it!

Sunday 31st March

A (mainly Mozart) singing morning, then an important afternoon gardening task - supervising NGP as he chopped into the tree roots underneath my brick path. Perfect! Now all I need are some buckets of sand. Then we zoomed off to my friend's house to dig out an unwanted Ceanothus. It's in the wheelbarrow, which I've filled with water. Hope it survives.

Goodbye to March. You've been a lovely month, full of the nicest surprises.