The Big Gum Tree

The large Eucalyptus Tree, affectionately called the BIG GUM, imposes its bulk and stature over the house lawn and the shrubs in the top of the Jelly Bean Garden. It is usually surrounded by a little stone wall, and ring of plants in pots.

Gum tree

The tree is so tall that photographs are interesting to take. I'm either standing at a distance, or peeping down from the upstairs balcony. Oops. Better not lean out too much!

 In 2003 the garden was just getting properly organised!
The BIG GUM and the Jelly Bean Border - 2003

The picture below was taken from the upstairs balcony in the year 1999. This gives a great view of the Jelly Bean Border and the majestic BIG GUM. On the house side the fence-line is covered with roses, and the border is full of daffodils and forget-me-nots in spring.

 Balcony view.
The BIG GUM and the Jelly Bean Border - 1999

A big bronze Phormium (flax) lives at the top corner, and its colour is echoed by the Berberis shrub further down. This colours brilliantly in autumn and early winter.

 The Big Gum lords it over the house lawns.
Balcony View

This final photograph, taken from the Moosey balcony, was taken in the year 2008. You'll see that some things stay the same (the Berberis shrub) while others change (check out the stone wall and Shrubbery at the top of the slope).