Sometimes the most humble self-sown annual makes huge contributions to a garden and gets absolutely no credit - it's taken completely for granted, with rarely a photograph.

 A pretty mixture of pink, blue, and white.
Annual Forget-Me-Nots

That's the yearly fate of my annual pink, blue, and white Forget-Me-Nots. These pretty flowers only get mentioned in my diaries in early summer, when I'm ripping them all out and my clothes are getting covered with their sticky seeds.

 So bright!
White Forget-Me-Nots

Covered in Biddi-Bids

And, I might add, I have to spend hours grooming my large fluffy cat, who insists on keeping me gardening company when the Forget-Me-Nots are seeding. He gets absolutely covered in biddi-bids.

I'm sure that Forget-Me-Nots are dismissed as nuisances in many gardens - in fact I know a gardener (not a close gardening friend!) who won't allow any in her rather large garden beds. Silly woman! And fancy worrying about weeding them out - there are far worse plants that can pop into a garden uninvited.

Delightful in Spring

This spring my little self-sown Forget-Me-Nots have been, as usual, quite delightful. They do so well filling up the spaces between the green growth of other, more showy plants.

Finally they have their own page of recognition, and several cute photographs. Love those pretty white, pink, and blue flowers...

 A pretty blue.
Blue Forget-Me-Nots

Ironically the 'forget-me-not' name seems to have the opposite effect...