Moosey's Gardening Newsletter

Mooseys Country Garden is finally producing a monthly gardening newsletter, which promises to be more overgrown than some of my garden borders. It is guaranteed to be animal friendly and almost weed-free!

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Something Old, Something New...

Moosey News has updates on the latest developments in Moosey's Country Garden, both in the garden and on the website. From favourite flowers to flaxes and foliage - all the elements of the garden get a chance to make a contribution.

Regular features include the Plant and Picture of the Month, and what's topical in the gardening forum. There'll be suggestions for new pages for you to investigate, plus some older favourites to check out. New things in the garden are always popping up (or falling down), plants are always being shifted around, and I never stop tinkering (for better or for worse) with the overall garden design.

The Moosey animals will all get a chance to be in the newsletter, in the Animal of the Month feature. However the Moosey rooster has been declared ineligible for reasons which will not be elaborated on here.