Non-Gardening Partner

For a Non-Gardening Partner, Stephen is a very responsible and hands-on chap. He looks after lawns, irrigation, fences, pumps, and the construction of garden seats and pergolas. He also welds metal rose archways. Naturally I am trying to get him interested in digging a second pond...

 Two of my best friends, hee hee...
Non-Gardening Partner with Percy the Cat

In the general day to day running of the garden he tries to stay out of sight, escaping on his bicycle with Rusty the dog. In holidays, when bored, he might ask questions about new plants and new borders. Occasionally he can be persuaded to wheel barrowfuls of weeds to the dumping places.

 Stephen waters, pumps, builds and repairs...
gardener's best friend

Sometimes he will be inadvertently critical. For example, Stephen doesn't believe that plants can be shifted in summer (they can) or that his well designed irrigation system doesn't reach every part of the house gardens (it doesn't). He hates excess trees and shrubs getting the chop.

Garden Structures

It's interesting trying to get Stephen to design and build a new structure for the garden. I have to appeal to the intelligent analytical nerd inside him, putting forward my request as a problem for him to solve. Then, with a bit of luck, I can get some partial commitment, which gives me something to work on.

 Best friends.
Non-Gardening Partner and Rusty the Dog

I'm currently trying for a second pond, so I have prepared a list of civil engineering and fluid dynamics questions which should whet his appetite.

Where's Duck Lawn?

I really only have one complaint. When you've been an NGP in the same garden for over fifteen years, and the Head Gardener tells you she left the shovel 'on the edge of Duck Lawn' - well, you're supposed to know where Duck Lawn is!