The Periwinkle Path...

Have started clearing the periwinkle path which circles into the Shrubbery. This is a yearly task, pretty easy to do, and I love periwinkle. Well, I think I do.

 So pretty!
The Periwinkle Path

Last year I proudly lengthened it, stopping at three Cream Delight Phormiums. Never ever used it, not one footstep, not once. Ha! My new plan is to abandon this extension, leaving it to the mercy of the periwinkle, dig out the Phormiums, and replant them in the other end of the Hump Garden.

 Lazy chaps!
My cricketers

Friday March 1st

I've re-curved the main path and brought in stones to edge it properly. And I've been listening to the cricket. Aargh! New Zealand is playing really badly. At least they have fronted up, unlike my own lot, who are on strike. I've rescued and potted up lots of foxglove seedlings.

Label the roses...

Am still putting off digging out the roses, for the silliest reason. I have to label them properly, but I can't find my indelible black marker. Any excuse, I reckon.

Sunday 3rd March

Yesterday I spent four more hours immersed in periwinkle and roller coaster cricket (we were brilliant for ten minutes, hopeless for the next hour, then brilliant, and so on). A New Zealand cricket supporter will recognise this. Aargh!

So the path through the periwinkle is cleared, and looks beautiful. But the only plant shifting and replanting has been inside my head. With amazing results, mind you. I've filled up a whole new mind-garden area, cute clusters of Phormiums snuggling up against existing grasses, a new, sunny little path to explore, edged with happy roses...

Brush my hair, clean my fingernails...

Hmm. Must clean my fingernails. Must brush my hair. I am off to sing Mozart and Bach, and cosmetic cleanliness and tidiness is required.