More plans...

A drizzly day - perfect for making plum and rhubarb jam - and garden plans. Fix this, shift that, clean up this other bit, and so on. So easy! I'm still obsessed with shifting the roses around, possibly because I haven't actually done much about them yet. A short list of questions to start the day :

  1. Where to replant the last of the daylilies, which have moved out to make room for roses?
  2. Which roses to plant on either side of the bare rose archway?
  3. When to shift the roses anyway?

And how much of the spacious end of the Hump Garden should be filled with roses? Where is the sun? And how far does the irrigation reach?

Buster the Black Cat

Never mind that there's so much tidying and cleaning up to do. Because shifting the roses around and replanting them have taken root (hee hee) in my imagination. In my virtual garden, that is.

Thursday 29th February

I only worked for a couple of hours, tidying and clearing in a small area of the Hump by the garden. Buster my black cat kept me company - a very sneaky cat she is, hiding in the garden, spying. Found some roses that definitely need shifting - one of the large Miscanthus grasses is smothering them. But I chickened out - it's still a tiny bit early, a little pre-autumn, not quite March.

 Taking over the Glass-House Garden

Am glad I removed all the Ligularias from the Pergola Garden. There are plenty of them in other places, and they are a bit of a nuisance. So it's time to say goodbye to February, such a silly, scruffy month, where all my planting mistakes become very obvious, and all my messy rubbish piles up underneath the hedges. A final thought for the month - I should do more and plan less?

Do more, plan less -Moosey words of wisdom.