Poor Pebbles...

 On Willow Bridge.
Pebbles by the Water

This week I have been preoccupied with a sick dog - Pebbles. She has been very ill with acute pancreatitis, likely caused by eating rotting animal remains.

Gross neighbours...

The back-story is just gross. Our neighbours had left the remains of a butchered wild pig above ground by our boundary fence, with no effort made to bury anything. Unbeknown to me, my naughty dogs had been having a wonderful time - scavenging, eating, and bringing back stinky pieces which I'd find in the middle of my house lawn.

Dog hospital...

Pebbles spent three days and one night in 'dog hospital' while I mooched around waiting for news. I felt so sad - and furious at such gross behaviour from the neighbours.

Didn't do any gardening. Just couldn't find the energy. Kept checking my property. Non-Gardening Partner went next door with his shovel to clean up the mess. There were a couple more nasty surprises - two rotting pigs trotters that Winnie had obviously brought home and buried for later. Aargh!

 Trying hard not to bark at me!
Pebbles the Dog

Slowly but surely Pebbles improved, and she was 'discharged' from the vet on the fourth day. She is one lucky pup. She now has a completely non-fat diet, and is close to being back to her old self. I never imagined that her barking rudely in my face could be such a wonderful thing!