In disgrace...

OK. I have just been for a late afternoon garden stroll taking photographs. This should have been an inspiring experience. It was not. My garden is in disgrace. As is its one-day on, two-days off gardener. Make that three-days?

Spot the Path? No chance!

For example, the path blockage in the Hump Garden (caused by the Miscanthus grass) is serious. The path surface is covered in Gleditsia suckers and self-sown Evening Primrose seedlings. Lychnis in the garden needs trimming. Miniatiure Agapanthus are being smothered by a creeping violet.

 By the pergola.
Pretty Dahlia

A Garden Pledge...

I will now make a garden pledge. Until I sort at least one problem out I am not allowed to do any writing. My gardening journal is banned - until I can prove I am a proper gardener, and have a gardening accomplishment to write about. So there!

Monday 12th February...

Ha! I've done it! I can write again! This morning I completely sliced down a sprawling Phormium by the Stables. It's gone. I managed to get all the roots up - and I cleaned up all my mess. Then I zoomed off to the library.

This afternoon I cleared quite a large part of a Hump path - the one that goes up and over, down to the large tree stump, the large Phormiums, and my wooden retaining wall. Dead-headed dahlias. Dug out Lychnis plants, and a very robust sucker of the rose Woodsii fendleri. Have potted them up. Have cleaned up my mess.

Achy fingers...

My fingers are really achy, but that's OK. Yippee! I will have a shower, choose a library book, sit down in clean clothes (blue check shirt and indigo Levis) and read. Yeay! I will look country-stylish and I will feel great.

 With a large gap where the Phormium was.
The Stables Garden

P.S. I love having a good gardening day, but I adore being able to write all about it afterwards.