Over the weekend I've been cleaning up the Herb Spiral garden while listening to the cricket. Oh my goodness! Nerve-wracking. A five day test match, New Zealand playing Australia and who knows? We could lose (we usually lose). Blast. But we could win. Wow. The cricket always makes me very nervous.

 My chaps are still being lazy.
Dogs and Cricketers

Got busy on the dandelions with a big garden fork - don't like using weed killer on the Herb Spiral's circular path (it's a spiritual place, after all). Tried to remove the Orlaya without getting too many seeds stuck in my hair. Noticed that it is time to trim the Shasta daisies.

 Crambe and Penstemon
Shifted Out of the Allotment Garden

Cleared some desirable plants out of the Allotment Garden. Potted up shoots of the red Penstemon and divisions of the big Crambe (adorable perennial, but smells like a cabbage). This garden is now far too dry for anything except Agapanthus. Then moved up to the back of the house lawn. Dug out and potted up Marie de Blois and her friends (roses). Am still getting their new garden area ready.

Cat news...

Red Fred is at home recovering from a nasty bite wound (at the bottom of his spine) which had to be been cleaned up and stapled (yes) by the vet. A possum bite, apparently. Eek! What on earth did Fred think he was doing, taking on a possum?

 This is the way he likes to be picked up and carried around.
Me and Fred

So nervous...

This morning I hardly dared listen to the cricket - I was sooooo nervous! Also had to take Fred to the vet for his first post-op checkup. Was equally nervous about popping him into his cat cage. So I listened to a talking Ann Cleeves book, quite unable to settle

Late afternoon...

Success! Fred, scooped up in a fluffy towel, was easily caged, and the vet was happy with his recovery. When we got home I listened to the end of the cricket (NZ lost, but played really well) while trimming and weeding along the water race. Just one barrow filled, but better than nothing.

The silly little things...

Thought about the silly little things that are such big worries for me - for example, knowing I had to bundle my large, muscly cat into a cat cage for a 2:45 appointment.

When should I lure him inside? How long would it take me to find him? Would he be suspicious? What would I do if he fought back and I failed?

I don't ever worry like this about my music. Or my garden - I obviously have niggling thoughts about it but I don't get wound up. I just write a list, easy. hee hee. Decided that I should consider myself blessed to have cats (and dogs) to worry about. It was all about love, after all.