Spring Blossom

In Japan there's a spring cherry blossom wave. People have parties underneath the trees, and the wave of blossom rolls slowly up the country from south to north.

 So pretty.
Weeping Cherry in Driveway

Now I'm learning to appreciate the blossom trees in my own garden. Their beauty is elusive and ephemeral, and that used to frustrates me. Trees would blossom briefly in spring, then rather too quickly turn summer-scruffy. Often the wind would ruin the blossom show. But in these early days I was a weekend-only gardener, impatient, too busy to relax and enjoy.

 A Malus tree.
Crab-Apple Blossom

Good Tree Advice...

'Choose a tree for its all-round performance' my sensible garden books would drone. 'Don't be tempted by fluffy spring flowers - trees need to offer MUCH MORE'. I used to agree - until my first spring as a properly retired full-time gardener.

The Garden is Blossoming...

Suddenly I had all the time in the world to notice the succession of blossoming around my garden. There was blossom for over two months. I could enjoy my own, personal blossom wave, with the best, the proper blossom trees (Japanese cherry trees with proper Japanese names) in the Pond Paddock saved for last. Wonderful! So much blossom, for such a long time...

I always feel blessed when I first notice the early rough and humble blossom of Prunus Subhirtella. Yippee! Winter is moving out! Prunus nigra in the driveway then joins in with delicate pink blossom, followed by the sturdy white flowers of the Black Doris Plum in the Pond Paddock.

 The plums are beautiful too!
White Blossom on the Black Doris Plum Tree

Then the blossom from the big spreading ornamental cherry in the driveway lawn arrives. It holds its fluffy light pink branches sideways, and looks beautiful. And when the soft flowers float away (after a long succession of windless spring days) this becomes the perfect, peaceful shade tree.

 Spring beauties.
Blossom Trees in the Driveway Lawn

But the Moosey blossom wave is only just beginning. Two weeping cherries in the Driveway Garden then start to flower, modestly and demurely, different shades of pale pink. The small Crab Apple tree further along is next. This tree has beautiful deep pink blossom. Then the real beauties in the Pond Paddock join in - blossom trees covered with fat hanging light pink flowers. And let's not forget the pretty pink and white flowers of the Apple trees. Hopefully by now there have still been no big winds to ruin anything.

 Very beautiful.
Weeping Silver Pear Blossom

Late to flower are the Almond trees and the weeping Silver Pear trees, whose blossom is unusual in colour and definitely super-stylish. Perhaps the last blossom tree is the Crab-Apple Charlotte, whose blossom time fits perfectly with the rhododendrons underneath. These flowers are larger than one might expect. Such a pretty pink, and such beautiful detail.

Rather than a blossom wave, I have a blossom swirl around my garden. Lovely, lovely spring. Wind - please behave. Don't blow the beautiful blossom off!