Flowering Crab Apple Tree

 With Golden Elm blossom in the background.
Malus in Spring Blossom

My blossom trees in the Driveway Garden are spectacular in spring, planted in the narrow border along the old sheep fence. The pale pink weeping flowering cherries are first, followed by this flowering Crab Apple with its dark pink blossom.

I particularly look forward to seeing the Crab Apple Tree in blossom. The Golden Elm next door has its light lime-green flowers out at this time as well, and together they are a wonderful mid-spring pair, visible from many spots in the garden.

Each year both blossom trees grow bigger and put on more and more amazing dislays. And their colours just fit together so well - what a fresh and magical effect!

The dark pink Malus has an important part to play in the Moosey blossom wave which spreads through the spring garden. I think this may be the variety Malus 'Ellerslie', with bronze foliage. It will probably be a hybrid only available in New Zealand, though, if you're tempted!

 Beautiful in spring.
Driveway Blossom