Beautiful Blossom

The blossom in the Moosey Spring garden is, yet again, absolutely beautiful. There's been no wind yet to shake the flowers off the big flowering cherry tree. The blossom is blossoming!

 Beautiful blossom, tucked away in a corner of the Hazelnut Orchard.
Weeping Silver Pear Tree Blossom

Take the stylish Weeping Silver Pear tree which grows in the corner of the Hazelnut Orchard. This lovely tree has a lonely position - it's part of a new planting scheme, standing at the head of a junior row of raspberries. Far too easy to miss the first blossom flowers, but this spring I've remembered to take photographs. Such a subtle colour, and so beautiful.

 The first year flowering!
Almond Tree Blossom

Pink and White Blossom

Smaller pink blossom trees, though smothered with Clematis, are blooming bravely. The Crab-Apple trees are bursting into bloom. Go, you lovely Maluses and Prunuses!

I've always thought the main blossom colours in my garden are like a whiter shade of pink - a scattering of fluffy icing sugar, marshmallow colours - pink and white, pinkish white, and so on. Or so it seemed - until I looked closer!

And Almonds...

There are some brand new blossom trees in the Moosey garden - three flowering Almonds, which are generously doing just that in their first spring. Two occupy ceremonial, memorial positions - trees to respectfully shelter dearly loved departed pets Taj-dog and ginger kitten Smoocher. Their flowers are larger, and more single than I've been used to, blossom-wise.

Pale Green Flowers

In the middle of spring the Golden Elm trees produce their light lime-green flowers. What a beautiful sight these are! One of my Golden Elms flowers next door to the cherry-pink Crab-Apple in the driveway.

Another lights up the back of the Dog-Path Garden, providing an airy ceiling of pale green light for the rhododendrons underneath. There's definitely a greater variety of blossom colour in my garden than I realised! Which leaves me wondering - is there any blue blossom? I'm missing blue!

 The prettiest pale green in the garden!
Golden Elm Blossom

Footnote One

Last spring I followed the blossom wave through the Moosey garden. All I noticed were the pinks and whites!

Footnote Two

Since this optimistic, sunny, spring page was written, there has been a sudden, short, September snow storm - Aargh! Every Moosey trees now has its own peculiar wet-white-blossom look...