...or a bunny or Stephen.
Taj-dog has just spotted a Cat

Taj-dog is the dog, a labrador / german shepherd / sheep dog cross. At the time of writing he is about eleven years old now, going slightly grey in the muzzle, and getting much slower on the bicycle rides around the country block.

He used to have a kennel with a run on the back lawn, but really he has always lived in the house with us.

Bad Dog Habits

Taj-dog has a few bad dog-habits. On the few occasions when we've left him tied up he's attempted (unsuccessfully) to dig to China. He isn't welcome near next door's pond since he started ambushing ducklings in the long grass and killing them.

He will also kill, tenderise and eat rabbits that the cats have caught. Rabbits here are a real pest so this dog habit is most desirable.

 Tajdog lazing in front of the old Stable Border.
A Regal Dog in front of Stable Border

A Smelly Dog

He likes to roll in foul things to improve his doggy fragrance, and is genuinely puzzled when one of his humans drags him to the water race and pushes him in the cool rushing water. Sometimes his outdoor food is too highly seasoned for his stomach to cope with.

The cars are permanently dog-smelly and dog-hairy, and well dressed humans driving to special occasions have to wrap themselves in sheets. Alighting thus wrapped can be socially embarrassing.

A Simple Dog

Taj-dog is a simple sort of dog. His happiness depends totally on four words, which are 'bunny', 'walk', 'car', and 'river'. He is well-adjusted, and is happy to be designated an honorary cat and thus be eligible for the annual Most Valuable Cat Competition. He lives in comfort with his cat friends and his humans.

 Life is not complicated for Country Garden Dogs.
A Simple Dog

A Cat's Best Friend

Jerome, one of the grey cats, loves Taj-dog to bits and subjects him to many sleepless nights of loud purring, eyes-and-ears licking, and CLAWS. Taj-dog just groans and bears it. He reciprocates (when in a co-operative mood) by grooming the cat's fur with his front teeth. The cat also makes a good pillow when Taj-dog feels sleepy.

Magpies really annoy Taj-dog. A pair of magpies nest in one of the big gums each year, and usually safely rear one chick. When Taj-dog sights them on the grass he chases them off the property, barking loudly. He also has barking and running along the fence-line contests with the neighbouring dog Mat. Chasing cats is occasionally fun too, until they race up a tree and spoil it.

 Tajdog sitting in the remnants of a winter burnoff.
Sitting on the ashes of an old fire

Man's Best Friend

Taj-dog has a simple philosophy on life. He loves Stephen. His other humans are O.K., but Stephen is the best. When Stephen puts on his weekday going-to-work shoes, Taj-dog is sad. When Stephen puts on his gumboots Taj-dog is happy again. He follows Stephen everywhere except when the vacuum cleaner comes out of the cupboard.

Taj-dog does not like the vacuum cleaner.

Taj-dog is very old now, as far as bigger dogs go. He's almost lost interest in stick chasing and bicycle rides. He's quietly enjoying his dog-twilight years.


Taj-Dog passed quietly away in the year 2004.