Weeping Silver Pear Tree

Good gardeners know that weeping Silver Pear trees are super-stylish and very ornamental. They should be planted in highly visible garden spots, in order to impress.

Under the Influence?

I bought a weeping Silver Pear (it cost me heaps) when I was still under the influence of the English shrubs-and-perennials gardenscape. Alas - for some unknown reason, in a moment of style rebellion, I planted mine out of sight in the Hazelnut Orchard. It's all alone, at the beginning of a row of raspberry canes, far too easily forgotten. One spring I even missed the blossom altogether!

 The most beautiful colour - as is the foliage later in the year.
Weeping Pear Blossom

Non-Gardening Partner has nobly resisted my efforts to get the tree transplanted. Now I fear it's just too old and set in its ways, growing in the rough grass of the orchard paddock.


I could try a reverse psychology next time a visitor wanders around the garden - 'Oh, that dreary old silver pear thing - rather unfashionable, so last decade, don't you think?' Hmm...

 The Stumpy Cat Memorial Tree.
Weeping Silver Pear Blossom

Aha! I spoke too soon! After a bit of tree damage in a wind storm, NGP agreed to dig up this weeping silver pear, which was on a bit of a lean, though nothing was broken. It's now planted in the middle of the Glass-House Garden - much better. After all, there are two others in the Hazelnut Orchard, in Cat's Memorial Row.