Moony Minimus

Whenever there's a very bright moon, my cottage cat Minimus goes all 'moony'. All night she wants to go out of the cottage, then she wants to come in, then out again. And so on. And because I love Minimus so much I can't ignore her scratching at the door. I get up out of bed...

 My pretty grey cottage cat.

During one of these 'interludes' last night I lay snug in bed thinking about my garden (as one does) - specifically, my pond path clean-up triumph. And decided that I would clean up and replant the garden above it.

 Near the water.
Thoughtful Gnome


Anemanthele grasses and Carexes could come out - it's too dry. Any Phormiums still surviving would be either trimmed or removed. And No green Carexes would be allowed in the garden area. They needed to grow on the water's edge.

My go-to plant could be Renga Renga - AKA Rock Lilies. Or perhaps the big species Agapanthus, plants which would be perfectly happy in the dry. Then I could enjoy looking across the pond to swathes of greenery underneath the self-sown Pittosporums and other assorted trees. Thinking of the trees, Non-Gardening Partner could be organised to chainsaw down any dead branches.

Thanks Minimus

All this in the middle of the night - no wonder gardeners sometimes have trouble sleeping! Thanks, Minimus.

Five hours later...

An inspired gardening day, with the nicest company. The gnomes were very appreciative that the mess around their feet (and on their heads) was being removed. I did hear some mutterings about getting new clothes. Told them I had the paints ready, just waiting for a few rainy days in a row.

I also had bird company - a lone blackbird, far too tame for his safety, hopped along beside me keeping pace with my clearing, while a fantail swooped and flittered around my head.

I reached the spot where the pond path got rather narrow (thanks to an fat Aucuba shrub). Decided not to trim - the shrub was generous to grow at all in such inhospitable conditions. So this would be a 'breath-in and don't-wobble' piece of path - perfect for dogs.

 Happy being busy.
Gnomes in the Sun

Late in the day I cleared the rest of the path, rescuing an ornamental Miscanthus grass (which is now soaking in water). I estimate I scooped up close to thirty armfuls of dry mess, mainly gum bark, branches, and Anemanthele grasses.

 A bit smaller than hand-sized.
Tiddler Gnomes

Huge thanks to the gnomes for being such good company. And to Minimus for eating all the cheese off my afternoon tea crackers.