The autumn morning routine...

Settling into the autumn morning routine of lighting the log-burner and reading (or writing) until morning tea time, when temperatures outside are less bracing. The frosts have certainly killed off all the dahlias, though a few brave roses are flowering - mainly the Flower Carpet varieties, and the Icebergs.

Tuesday 30th April

So what am I going to do today? Keep an eye on my dogs and weed the Driveway Garden.

Three hours later, and I'm only half way up the drive. I've bundled up dead Cordyline leaves, dug out little Sycamore tree seedlings, and old Anemanthele grasses.

Pondering about the ivy...

I've been pondered about removing the ivy. My last pondering (with subsequent removal) was back in 2012 - the joy of keeping a detailed gardening journal, hee hee. It's taken twelve years to regrow and become noticeable. Not sure what to do, so will do nothing - for now.

 The border I am cleaning up is over to the right.
The Driveway

It's magical gardening with autumn leaves fluttering down all around me. The Cotinus is now showing off its brilliant flame colours.