Goodbye Dahlias

Have I said this before? Oh yes, bound to have. The joy of having a big garden - there's always a new place with new views in which to work. And seasonal surprises, like the dahlias suddenly drooping, cut down by early frost.

 Starting to take shape.
Site of My New Garden

Today I went off to the end of the Hump Garden to collect pine cones. We've had two nights of mild frost, enough to kill off the dahlias. I noticed them, stopped, and started trimming. So just like that, over two not-so-cold nights, the dahlias have said goodbye. I will miss their cheery colours.

 Like an overgrown tussock grass.
Anemanthele grass

Then I ventured into the garden's interior and dug out several over-sized Anemanthele grasses. These grasses have very shallow root systems. I start the dig with a hand digger, then push them over and pull them out. Found a couple of recycled roses which were struggling - decided to dig them out and dump them. Have no time for roses that don't perform. Tough love, finally!

If it needs doing, then stop and do it

Spent a happy four hours, then collected up the firewood and cones and returned to the house. Am very happy with today's attitude, hee hee. If it needs doing, then stop and do it - that sort of thing.

Green for the Garden...

And I have THE most gorgeous new (Op Shop) soft green mohair sweater. Seems silly, but putting it on apres gardening is such a reward.

And very appropriate. Green for the garden, you see.