Bit of a Blur...

Delphiniums and Roses

The days between Christmas and New Years have wandered past in a bit of a blur. For example, what day is it today? Thursday? Friday? Gardening, reading books, playing some new piano music (a Debussy violin sonata)... And I've certainly been gardening, even yesterday when the temperature outside was just over thirty degrees Celsius. I worked for two hours weeding in the water race, in the shade. So refreshing!

n fact all my summery gardening sessions have been about two hours long. Then I come inside and potter around, play the piano, whatever. Then I wander off back outside and do another session. It's quite relaxing, nothing too strenuous. The timing suits me, too. No point in putting in six solid hours, then coming inside with aching fingers and the dullest of brains. Debussy and Bach demand more.

I've also made progress on the Christmas jigsaw (a garden in Yorkshire). I've been listening to Christmas cricket on the radio - firstly the test match from Melbourne, then New Zealand versus Pakistan, which has started at 6pm. The sounds of summer right through until midnight, waking up in the morning with a slightly woosy head.

 So pretty.
White Lychnis and Salmon Roses

Today I've done something rather sensible (for once, hee hee). The lettuces in pots on the patio have bolted and gone to seed. So I've weeded the Campion out of the small triangle garden nearby (there'll be plenty of seeds left behind for new plants) and tipped the old potting mix from the lettuces in. I've also chopped the tops off a pot of pansies, for pansy mulch. Success, also, with one large patio pot of potatoes. They've produced! Wow. All that potting mix, too, is now in the triangle garden, and there's a big bowl full of harvested spuds in the pantry. Yum. My spuds have worked. Unlike my glass-house tomato plants which are enormous, flowery, and almost fruitless.,/p>

Saturday 31st December

Another two hour session of summer holiday gardening, working my way around the Island Bed weeding the edges and trying to pull out Cleavers and other assorted undesirables. Picked some flopped over Delphiniums for the house vases. Smoky blue, so beautiful, suppose I should have staked them. Oh well. Another year, maybe...

 Full of weeds...

Oops. That other year starts tomorrow! That was quick!