Half good and half bad?

 In the shade of the Willow Tree Garden.
Late Flowering Rhododendron

Half good and half bad? So some days I am a half-good gardener. I start something that has needed doing. I am full of energy and the best of intentions. I keep going for ages. But I leave all my tools outside, planning to return for the clean up and pick up. Then things go half-bad. I don't return, do I?


That was yesterday. I trimmed two barrowfuls of unwanted stuff (campion that had flowered, weeds, rose and aquilegia dead-heads), but left the second one on the grass with my loppers and secateurs balanced on top.

Then wandered over to the path behind the pond, sat down and began a huge weed and scrape. Got completely covered in bidd-bids from the old forget-me-nots. Minimus my cottage cat arrived to keep me sneaky company. Such fun when I reached into the garden to pull out old forget-me-nots. Pounce!

Slowly, dragging self along on self's bottom, I made my way around to the back of the pond, pulling out Cleavers and other undesirables. Reached the water, where one agitated male Mallard duck was circling. Took that as a sign that enough was enough. Left everything where it was - I'd come back to pick up my tools and clean up my the mess, I promised. But I didn't. Tsk tsk. Oh dear.

Now today I'm back from swimming and chamber music, and guess what? I have non-gardening clothes on and it's raining. OK. I could quickly change. But I suddenly have the urge to look through the latest garden photographs - particularly the roses. One doesn't have to rake, bend, and scoop to do this. Or get wet. Oops.

Thursday 1st December

Have done it again - left my mess and tools out. This afternoon I've been working my way around the lawn edges of the Island Bed and Shrubbery. Have had to dig out Periwinkle which has crept into the lawn (typical). The little stone wall (supposed to be a garden feature of interest when viewed from the house) was invisible - now most of it is uncovered. But I must, must, must behave. I must, must, must clear all my mess up. I am simply not allowed not to.


I did it! Only four barrowloads needed to be removed and dumped. Only took me half an hour - a small time price to pay for being good. Then I potted up two new fuchsia plants for the shade of the patio. Feel much better.

Positively glowing! Rosy, even!