Goodbye Speckles

 One of his last photographs. Hmm...
Speckles the Stray

Mister Speckles (the stray cat I've been feeding for over a year) is a complete no-show, seriously missing. At first light I wandered through the wilderness behind the pond calling his name and looking for 'signs' of him. Nothing.

Non-Gardening Partner doesn't think he's come to grief, but I'm not so confident. It's a hard life being a feral cat, and some landowners trap and shoot them. I'm not sure I'll be seeing his cautious face peeping into the cottage again. Dear cat! I did my very best for him.

So I've spent some time around the cottage making encouraging noises, watering the Canna pots and talking to Minimus, asking her where her 'friend' is. She's stopped looking down the side of the cottage for him to appear. Minimus knows he's gone.

Today is a proper summers day - far too hot to do anything except do some sneaky watering, pick some flowers for the house, and take photographs of the greenery.

Thursday morning...

The second semi-final of the Football World Cup has finished. Frida the spotty brown GSP (France) has beaten Red Fred (Morocco) 2-0. So it's cat versus dog in the final. Might be a bit biassed, but GO BLACK FRED!!!!

 Argentina versus France.
Cat Versus Dog - 2022 Football World Cup Final

This morning I have my last ballet class for the year. But first I am going to take the dogs for a photography walk - try and get a decent picture of the rose Raubritter, catch the daylilies, maybe get some flowery pictures which look so gorgeous that I'll puff out with pride.

 In the Hump Garden.
Weedy Verbascum

Late afternoon...

So I've been in the middle of the Hump Garden for over four hours, and have cleared five barrow loads of weeds - chunky Campion, some sticky tendrils of Cleavers, and some rather luscious and tall Dandelions. It's hard work but very giggly - I drag myself into the border on my bottom, dodging roses, then I try and flick the mess up and over, onto the path.

Mature gardener stuck in the border!

Sometimes I get stuck, legs pointing the wrong way, difficult to turn around, impossible to stand up. Winnie the dog has been keeping guard on the path - wonder what she'd do if I cried out for help? Barge in through the greenery and lick my face, probably!


Rewarded self by washing my hair with my new shampoo and conditioner bars. Then enjoyed ham and green salad for my meal, while I huffed and puffed my way over the John Muir Way (a long distance footpath in lowland Scotland), Fred cat smooching on my lap. A nice end to a wonderful day.

Sorry Speckles...

Wonderful but for the loss of Speckles. Sorry, Speckles, I've looked everywhere, but I can't find you, and there's nothing more I can do.

Sunday 18th December - Oops - Breaking News...

False alarm. Speckles is alive. He swung by in the middle of the night for food. Oops. Me of little faith!