Dogs Day Out 2022

 Escher and Frida with their Dog-Mother.

Happy Boxing Day, the day of the Annual Dogs Day Out Picnic in the Country. We (especially the resident Border Collies Winnie and Pebbles) are so excited. And guess what? I have been baking! Not for the visiting brown dogs, but for the humans. I made all the recipes up, hee hee. Could be interesting.


Ouch! My right hand is a bit sore and swollen from yesterday's industrial strength weeding session. Not helped by playing Bach for an hour and a half immediately afterwards. Hopeless, me. No weeding allowed today. Both my hand gets a rather tough work-out in the garden, and I tend not to wear gloves when I should. Hopeless, again.

So the plan is to clean up the house patio and bring out the Pelargoniums in their pots. Maybe dead-head the patio roses (with my left hand, should be interesting). Beautiful Compassion is just finishing its first flowering.

 Such a well-mowed lawn, yes?
Big Brown Escher on the Driveway Lawn

Must also explain to the cats that today is not a good day for cats. Maybe take some photographs - the dahlias have started flowering properly. Most of all, must relax and enjoy this awesome day.

Post-script : How easy is it to get good photographs of four dogs who are racing around willy-nilly, this way and that, following their noses, having the most wonderful time? It's impossible.