Tree frogs

Aha! This morning my small friends and I liberated eight brown tree frogs on the edge of pond by the fishing gnomes. Dear wee things!

 Just about to hop out of his container.
Frog on a Rock

There was a romantic frog-moment as two leapt up and over the water lily pads. Awww! Two more climbed up the garden gnomes - perhaps not the surface their toe pads were designed for. We watched three hide in the mud, while one brave frog shimmied up a fat Carex grass blade. Much better - tree frogs are supposed to hang out in the vegetation around ponds. Not on garden gnomes.

Frog on a Gnome

Bless these frogs...

Gave them a wee blessing, hoped they liked their new pond, wished them well for their new lives of freedom. Then we left them to it. Popped back an hour later. No sign of them.

 My pond, with lots of water-side vegetation.
A new Home for the Frogs

They are southern brown tree frogs, introduced to New Zealand from Australia in the 1870s. Good luck!