A small clump of this Geranium grows in the Herb Spiral.
White Geranium

Help! Memory loss! Can't remember what I did in the garden yesterday. Only know that my clothes ended up covered in biddi-bids, and I was really tired. Crikey! I usually remember every weed-scoop, every foot-plod, every bottom-drag...

Monday 5th December

Today I'm much clearer in the head. I've been working my way around the Frisbee Lawn Borders. This is pretty rough work, because the Frisbee Lawn is a paddock, mowed with the tractor mower, and so the quality control is definitely missing.

My new edging shears have had a good work-out, and I've burnt all my mess (three wheel barrow loads). I've weeded and pulled out forget-me-nots. There's also a good clear space in which to plant some of my flowering annuals. Must do that.

 I wish he wasn't so random.
Speckles the Stray

Sentimental over Speckles...

Have shared quite a few sentimental moments with Speckles the stray cat lately. This morning I found him curled up in Minimus's cat bed on the verandah. He opened his eyes slightly and yawned - a proper, sleepy, relaxed cat. After I fed him he rubbed the side of his face on my hands. Yeay! A proper cat smooch!

Tuesday 6th December

Yesterday evening I went to a doooo at a country house and garden. The grounds and the house were immaculate. But what struck me most of all were the porches and patios. There was absolutely no mess - no evidence of the indoor-outdoor flow of the resident gardener. No bucket of tools, no grass clippings or mud, no naughty leaves, not even a pair of gardening boots.

Inspired or shamed?

Inspired (or possibly shamed?), I spent a couple of humorous hours cleaning my own back porch and patio. Pretty silly, me! Apologies to any resident spiders whose peaceful repose has been interrupted.

Then I did some brilliant gardening. Planted annuals and Pelargoniums in the Herb Spiral. The potato patch looks great. The Herb Spiral's roses look wonderful (see the rose strip above). All is well.

 Near the Herb Spiral.
2022 Potato Patch

Thursday morning

Humph. Silly to get sentimental about Speckles the stray. A no-show for the last three days, he turned up last night in a very hissy, hungry mood. Thought he was going to claw my hand in his desperation for food. Hopeless cat, so unrewarding at times. P.S. Have now been feeding him for fifteen months. Humph.