Happy New Year for 2022

Happy New Year! I have a New Year's Resolution for 2022. It's not at all complicated. It has two parts. Short and sweet. Keeping it simple.

  1. I will not get gloomy, or cross with the outside world. Every day spent in my garden will be a celebration of joy.
  2. And I will not, not, NOT be boring.

There's a connection here : it gets boring when a garden journaller (journalist? diarist? I suppose blogger is the best word) starts writing (or even thinking) gloomy things about the world. Just stick to the garden and get on with it, is my advice to me for 2022.

 My lovely family off on their adventure.
The Start of the Rafting Trip

We've been hanging out on the Waimakariri river bank, waiting to pick up the family (who've spent the last three days pack-rafting down the river). The cricket has been on the radio. So the first day of 2022 has had a lovely, lazy, summer holiday feel. And my new summer drink - zero alcohol beer - is going down a treat. Very tasty, and doesn't have me falling asleep mid-afternoon.