Flaming merrily.
My Bonfire

Have developed a new winter habit. At the end of the day I take time for reflection by the bonfire. I sit in the damp grass with my water bottle, staring at the flames (and just a little smoke), thinking about all sorts of random things.

Like how much I love being outdoors, particularly at dusk, in front of a warm bonfire. And how much I love all my shrubs and trees (except the Phormiums when they get too large). And how much I enjoy winter in my gardening, when I can do ridiculously large clean-ups.

Winter socks!

And how I love ordering woollen socks for me and my family online. Yes, my third such order is on its way!

Alas, have been driven inside today by a raging nor-west wind which is whistling at me as it roars through the nearby gum trees. It is far noisy and aggressive, and brings with it the possibility of things (like tree branches) falling on my head.

I tried to keep on working. The Phormium by the Stables that I'm removing is chopped off close to the ground, ready for the axe (I want the roots out as well). I've also trimmed the Calamagrostis grasses near the water race - a much easier job. Left all the mess.

 Just the big roots to axe out.
Phornium - Almost Gone

Then mid-afternoon everything suddenly went calm. The wind - what wind? So I went back outside, axed out all the roots, and barrowed all my mess to the bonfire. After a sneaky check around, in case the wind was hiding somewhere, I lit the bonfire.

Time for contemplation...

As before, sat with my water bottle and contemplated my life as the flames flickered skyward. My tame blackbird kept me company - well, he (she?) hopped around me on the grass, silly bird. Wasn't even bothered to fly away when the dogs and Non-Gardening Partner arrived.