Misplaced? Mislaid?

 Still only just fitting.
A Littler Truck

Keep losing (misplacing? mislaying? Leaving behind?) my hand tools. Then finding replacements for them, just as the fence-line rubbish gets thrown on the bonfire. Then losing the replacements. Today my sharpest breadknife and my orange secateurs have disappeared. Hmm...

Monday 27th May

I have two hours - what to do? Am going to wander around the garden and see what hits me (in a figurative sense).


Aha! More like what hit the big truck which arrived to clean out the Septic Tank. It got stuck in tree branches at the beginning of the driveway. So it backed out ever so slowly, then escaped off down the road. Within the hour a littler truck trundled up the driveway, around the house, and over the front lawn to the tank, without hitting anything.

 With dogs and wheelbarrow.
The Back Lawn

Slightly embarrassed by such poor access, I trimmed some branches overhanging the driveway. Took loads to the bonfire, 'zhuzhed' it up with two loads of mess from behind the pond. Whoosh it all went, as always. Also made a good start removing yet another over-sized Phormium.

 A New Zealand rose.
Nancy Steen Rose

Friday May 31st

After a musical morning (chamber music group, then singing) I came home and launched myself into the garden. It was calm and still, so I loaded up the bonfire with yet more mess - five more barrowfuls from here there and everywhere. Burnt the lot.


Aargh! Butt there was still more! Just as I was about to give up and trudge inside, Non-Gardening Partner's car arrived towing a trailer full of dried Phormium leaves. But he stayed around to help me burn the lot - it was almost dark when we finished. Am so proud.

Have wandered around nonchalantly searching the gardens for those lost tools. I use the 'look for one thing, find another' principle - I pretend I am looking for beautiful things to take photographs of. Still can't locate them, though they have definitely not turned yup in the bonfire ash. Phew!