The Trailer

 The nursery is called Arcadia.
looking for a bargain

There is a wholesale nursery about two kilometers from my garden. They have a trailer which they fill with plant seconds, and this is put out on the side of the main road most Sundays.

The plants on offer are always great value and healthy, and it's a fun weekend morning ritual to drive down the road and see what's there. You never know what gems may be hidden in amongst the more sedate and boring shrubs for sale.

Made in New Zealand

The nursery grows a lot of New Zealand natives, and I've bought a lot of plants for my new native garden developments from them. I never know what plants will be there. Sometimes there's great excitement as I spot some beloved spikey red flax plants. One day the trailer was half full with shiny healthy Chatham Island Forget-Me-Nots and I grabbed the lot. These plants may be advertised as 'seconds' but they are rarely potbound.

 The trailer is parked here most weekends.
plants for sale

Hebes and Lavenders

I bought my hebe hedgefrom the trailer, and also the lavenders which grow around the base of the pergola. All my red cordylines and my small flaxes come from here too, and those crazy multi-coloured coprosmas which look so good in a pot. I've learnt not to be tempted by the flowering daisies and other offerings which I can easily propagate myself.

So if you're ever weekend travelling out of Christchurch on the Old West Coast road, watch for the sign and be prepared to STOP for a healthy bargain.


Unfortunately the Trailer is no longer put out by the side of the road, even though the nursery is still flourishing. But many of the local gardens have been given incredibly good starts in life thanks to the Arcadia Nursery Trailer.