Brown and green...

The garden has suddenly turned into winter, colour-wise. Have just been out for a dog walk to take photographs. There's very little out there that isn't brown or green. But that's OK. Brown is beautiful and green is gorgeous.

 Still green.
Ferns by the Old Dog Kennel

Saturday 25th May

Terribly exciting - my sock order (merino socks for my small friends and the baby) has arrived. But I forgot to get any for myself! So I've ordered some more. And more (some knee-highs) for my small friends and the baby, naturally. Outside looks very cold and drab. But I'm not feeling drab - I have new merino socks to look forward to! Yeay! This is definitely a wonderful winter tradition.

Four hours later...

I've been clearing behind Pond Cottage in the Wattle Woods. Oh boy. Such a lot of mess to rake up and wheel out. The whole area is littered with stuff that has fallen off the gum trees - branches, bark, and leaves. Plus cute little colonies of Creeping Charlie all over the paths. Aargh! I should never, ever have let this chap loose in my garden.

 Hebes, and a creeping little ground cover called Creeping Charlie.
Greenery in the Wattle Woods

Reckon I've barrowed out fourteen loads so far. Argh! Kept myself going by thinking about my new socks. They are special farm socks, to be worn with boots. For me! Yeay!

Sunday 26th May

Today I cleared around the dog kennels. Slightly disturbed what I think was a bumble bee nest with a huge queen bee in residence - oops. Put the log back quickly. Also dug out some old Anemanthele grasses. Couldn't decide where exactly to plant my three new Lavenders, so I left them in their pots.

 Escallonia and Berberis, with a Silver Astelia around the side.
Shrubs by the Glass-House

Then I zoomed out to a Bach B Minor Mass choir rehearsal. Zoomed home, wheeled my mess over to the bonfire. Collected six more loads from various fence-lines, burnt the lot. Whoosh!

Bach showing off...

Then came inside to practice the Bach. It is beautifully tricky and goes on and on, and then some - Bach totally showing off his contapuntal skills. Perhaps less would have been more?

More is more...

But more is more when it comes to winter sock buying. I have now sent a third online order in to buy groovy socks for the adults in my family. As one does. Hee hee. Thank you, Cosy Toes!