A mini-challenge!

Today I have set myself a mini-challenge. Is this a good morning to drag out all the gum bark from the Hen-House Gardens? It will have be done by the armful - the bark is difficult to handle and to balance on a wheelbarrow.

 And my chook statues.
Agapanthus by the Hen House

Do I really feel like doing this? I would so enjoy the garden 'look' when it is cleared up. OK. Action. And it's just for one morning, so I shouldn't run out of puff.

Much later...

First of all I asked Non-Gardening Partner if he could help me by positioning the trailer on Duck Lawn near the Hen House. He grunted, and chose instead to fill the trailer with the last of the dead flax leaves from the fence-line. Actually, he doesn't have a clue where Duck Lawn is. But that worked out OK - I wheeled out six barrow loads from the Hen-House Gardens, and scooped up armfuls of bark.

 The oak leaves need raking up.
Duck Lawn in Winter

My bonfire was very hot and flamey, so I trimmed the green Carex leaves behind the woodshed and instantly burnt them. They will re-sprout and look gloriously fresh by spring.

Silly Bach...

Then I zoomed into town for a two hour B-Minor Mass rehearsal, Silly, silly Bach. It's very hard to hear any shape to the movements when he goes on and on so much. A bit like clearing all my mess and carting it to the bonfire. He goes on and on. On and on. The results may be magnificent, but the journey to get there is a little disheartening. Just like cleaning up the winter garden!