Blame the jeans...

Beautiful weather, clear winter blue skies, no wind, the sun doing really well so low in the sky. I was sitting happily with my morning coffee on the patio, dogs in attendance. The perfect day to do some gardening?

 With yellow daisies brightening up the garden.
Patio Table in Winter

Nope. It wasn't. And the reason? Simple - I couldn't be bothered to change out of my good jeans. Honestly! This is the gardener who bravely sets forth in fog and drizzle. She battles strong winds, and stays out in the rain until too much water has dripped down the back of her neck. And she has lots of pairs of gardening jeans, all sourced from the Op Shop, no problems about them getting too dirty or ripped.

 Fern in winter.
Green Turns to Brown

In my defense I did spend over two hours practicing the alto part of Bach's B Minor Mass. And I needed to! I also walked around with the dogs checking the lawns, in case Winnie had left any more stinky things lying around. Great excitement - we went to the letter box to collect my third (and final?) woolly winter sock order.

So today I need to do better. And, looking down at my elegant indigo denim legs, I need to change immediately into something more garden-friendly. Hee hee.

 Nicky Crisp.
New Camellia

Ten minutes later...

Have done so. I am now symbolically blue and flowery, leg-wise, with a dusty bottom (so to speak), and two holey old merino tops. It's only five degrees Celsius, but I am off outside to show how tough I can be.

Much later...

A sort of OK day. I planted the Lavenders along the edge of the Stables Garden, spread wood chip mulch around them, then zoomed out to spend the last of my voucher money. Bought sale price tulips for some pots, and a couple of pink Camellias called Nicky Crisp. Their label said they were pink and extremely popular, so that was that.

Then I weeded along the water race behind the Stables. Pretty boring work, and I almost fell in a couple of times while trying to trim the Carex grasses. Oops. Left all my mess on the grass path (didn't want the bonfire reigniting).

Ho hum gardening...

Pretty much ho-hum gardening, but that's fair enough for winter I guess. And here's an idea - how about starting off the day wearing gardening clothes? Then there'd be no excuse.