Early Stables Garden & Dog

The Stables Garden started life as a fun small garden. For the first years its planting schemes changed, rather than its shape and size. By the year 2004 there was a good balance between foliage plants, perennials and roses. But these were the early days...

 The small flax is called Phormium Jester.
The Stables Garden - Autumn 2004

This is an Autumn photograph, where the foliage plantings come into their own. The small tree (which as yet is growing quite slowly) is a variegated Elm.

 The Frisbee Lawn is banned from photographs when the grass browns off in summer.
Spring Stables Garden

The variegated euphorbia was a great performer - it grew slowly and always looked tidy and fresh. The pockets of daffodils are sure signs that this is a spring photograph. So is the green colour of the Frisbee Lawn. I loved that variegated euphorbia. Then I lost it. Such a pity. One day I'll buy in a replacement.

A Resting Dog

In the archive photograph below the first Moosey dog, Taj-dog, is resting in front of the Stables Border. Some of the plants that you can see in this early photograph have been shifted (particularly the Shasta Daisies in the background).

 Taj-dog relaxing in the Stables Garden sun.
The Stables Garden - Summer 1999

Dear Taj-dog has since passed on, but his influence on the Moosey Garden is still as strong as ever.