The sweetest of plans...

I had the gentlest, sweetest of plans, involving seed potatoes and seed raising mix. Forward looking plans, full of promises. perfect plans for spring. I would prepare the new potato patch in the Hump (shifting out the miniature Agapanthus in the process) and then wander off into the glasshouse and start my flower seeds.

So what went wrong?

What went wrong was simple. The water race had been turned off, so the depth of water was ankle high. Action! In I went, to clean muddy mess off the bottom and trim grasses and Phormiums along the edges.

One thing always leads to another in the garden. This mess needed to be burnt, so I decided to start up the bonfire. Then I emptied the hedge trimmings out of the trailer onto the fire, so I could get a load of garden mix tomorrow. Scooped five barrow loads of rose prunings etc. from the fence-line to add to the mix. Was rather hoping to uncover some of my lost hand diggers and scrapers out of the mess. No luck.

 Very neat and tidy.
New Glass-House Path

More mess!

Then I remembered more mess I'd left in front of the glass-house on the new path. More plodding and carting, and dumping on the bonfire.

Then Non-Gardening Partner flew right overhead in his tiddley plane - what a show-off! I grabbed him when he arrived home. Sat down on the lawn, directed him to finish the burning. A quiet time for reflection - not sure what I reflected on, but it was very relaxing watching someone else working, hee hee.

Sunday 12th September

I weeded all morning near the bonfire, just in case it flared up (the wind was threatening). Planted three red Flower Carpet roses nearby, dug up the woody clump of Nepeta (the tall variety, Six Hills Giant). Potted the pieces in a big plastic container, to the delight of Fred the cat. I keep finding him sitting on, lying on, and/or nibbling the catmint - doing everything except poo-ing and pee-ing on them. I wonder if the poor things will survive.

In the afternoon I started preparing this year's potato patch. I scraped and dug and flung the spade, clearing barrowloads of wet weeds. Removed miniature Agapanthus clumps which were lost in the weedery. Cleared the path, edged the potato patch with wood logs, so the periwinkle next-door knows exactly when to stop, hee hee. Oh really?

 There is always a path!
Path to the Potato Patch

Got really, really tired, hands very achy. But three nice things - NGP did get me a trailer load of garden mix, and also bought me a new hand digger and scraper (which he paid for). And now we are off for Birthday Burgers. Reward!