Feeling moochy...

 A New Zealand variety, flowering late.
Nonie Haydon Camellia

Hmm... Am feeling really moochy. Not sure what I feel like doing in the garden. Is there any point in writing a list? Of course there is! But before I do, will change into gardening jeans and shirt. Prepare the body, and in so doing trick the mind...

Now - what sort of list should I write? A collection of minutiae, or large-scale works? I know what I should be doing - cleaning up the Hen House Garden. But I'd promised myself I didn't have to do any bonfiring today, and the mess will need to be burnt.

Promises can be broken...

But promises one makes to oneself can be broken, I guess. And If I keep my list tucked away inside the gardening mind, then the reckoning of success and/or failure can be easily fudged. That's exactly what I'll do!

Much later...

I did everything on my mental list, but I didn't quite finish the Hen-House clean-up. Raked up mess from the paths, from the water's edge, and picked up a lot of small Eucalyptus tree branches. My bonfire self-ignited late in the day, and was much more flamy than smoky.

 Just a few things flowering.
The Herb Spiral

I checked my seeds. Earlier I'd weeded rather well (i.e. carefully removing dandelions and all their roots) in the garden by the Pergola. Noticed that the path around the Herb Spiral is carpeted with seedling chives. Oops. Ignored them, laid some bricks nearby to edge another little path.

 Side by side in the sun, Fred and Lilli-Puss.
Cats on the Breakfast Chairs

Have come inside to cat harmony - a snoozing cat on each of the breakfast chairs, neither bugging the other. And my dogs actually kept me company in the garden. Maybe the real reason was the new dog living in one of the next-door properties - my two have been staring over towards the Wattle Woods and barking madly.

Count my blessings again...

Now to count my blessings again : three good things from today, to think about and (supposedly) make me sleep better.

  1. I found a little seedling Eryngium and potted it up. Love these spiky plants.
  2. The big pink Rhododendron is flowering.
  3. The Cherry blossom hasn't blown off yet. Phew!
 About three meters high.
Big Pink Rhododendron

And one blessing that is of a non-gardening nature : Non-Gardening Partner is bringing home take-aways so I don't need to cook.

Saturday 18th September

Today in the Hump Garden I weeded and planted the last of the potted roses needing relocation : Abraham Darby, Kate Sheppard, and Pat Austin. Hope they all get on, because they're sort of in a line alongside a path. I also planted some large clumps of Calamagrostis grass, all together - big grasses look great when they're bulky.

The obelisk is down...

The obelisk nearby fell down, so I dragged it out and deconstructed it, trimming the big hazel suckers to use again. Took all the other pieces to the bonfire. Must remember to plant the potatoes now that I have a wonderful new potato patch for them.

 In the Hump Garden.
My Potato Patch

By mid-afternoon the sun was hidden behind the large gum tree, so I wandered over to the sunny Hen-House Gardens to continue raking and clearing up mess. Brought out four barrowfuls to the bonfire without hardly blinking - or thinking. Lit it, added three loads of hedge trimmings, collected dead Cordyline leaves to encourage the flames, then handed it over to NGP, bless him.

Not a bad amount of work for a moochy day!