The first rose...

Yeay. The first rose to bloom this season is, as usual, the beautiful species variety called Canary Bird, with delicate ferny foliage and clear single lemon flowers. Suddenly I notice it, and my heart leaps for joy. The roses are here! The days must be getting longer, and warmer.

 With Pond Cottage in the background.
Fred by Canary Bird Rose

Was busy trying to get those first photographs this morning, while it was overcast. In barged one of the Fred cats. Me! Me! Take a picture of me! he sat regally on the fence and got totally in the way. Darling Fred!

Dogs' Day Out in the Country

Yesterday, no gardening. I hosted a Dogs' Day Out in the Country. The brown dogs came for a visit, as well as the small people. Lots of flying tennis balls, barking dogs, home made pizzas and banana muffins, and general fun. We all went to look at the new potato patch (as one does). Obviously at the moment it is a boring rectangle of totally blank dirt.

 Frida the spotty GSP, with Escher following behind.
Brown Dogs in the Water Race

I shifted the hoses, giggled at the brown dogs in the water race, and watched in awe as Lilli-Puss stood her ground with the brown dogs in the house. Dear Lilli knows no fear. What an exceptional cat she is. Big brown Escher sort of dissolved in a gentle quiver of excitement. Frida the young dog was more pushy, but not for long.

Canary Bird Rose

Alone again...

Today I am alone again - naturally? Tra la la (those are song lyrics, hee hee). So far I've filled my largest pot with some plants (this may not work out - they're Iris confusa), and used my new garden scissors to clean up the Phormiums in the Stables Garden. The dead leaves are soooooo tough!

Now the idea is to take advantage of this non-windy, slightly dull day and crank up the bonfire. Am also planning to dig and divide a green Phormium, and, if I really feel like it, trim the ferns at the very end of the water race.

Might not. We'll see. Depends on how bored I get with the bonfire.

Horse manure...

Oh, and if I get bored with getting bored, there are new bags of horse manure to spread in the Hump Garden. No excuse for being a lazybones today.


I did all that. The ferns in the water race were particularly difficult and really messy to trim. Suspect some slicing with the spade might be the next step. Nice to be in the water when it's low enough for gumboots, though. Happy with my new scissors. Happy with my clean clothes and washed hair, too. Happy with the new Gunnera leaves - just starting to grow, sweet little things (for now). Happy with Canary Bird. Not so happy with my slightly sore fingers, but hey! Evidence of working hard...