Just beautiful.
Green Ferns

Ferns have decided that the small garden area near the Laundry is their destined spot. They line the paths and stone steps, and pop up in the middle of the garden. And I love them dearly!

Wet Legs

Mind you, after rain when the fronds are wet and droopy it means rather wet legs for any person trying to pass by. And then when the ferns die down there's a lot of bending and trimming to do. That's my job. But there's such joy when the new fern fronds start to unfurl.

I don't think anyone has actually tripped over a fern yet. Well, I certainly haven't.

 A beautiful pair growing in the Septic Tank Garden.
Ferns and Blue Lupins

I'm a great fan of foliage plants, and green is a wonderful garden colour. It's the one colour I couldn't be without.