Laundry Seat

The Laundry Seat is a basic wooden set of planks, nestled into the Laundry Garden. Surrounded by Lavenders and herbs it's a rather 'buzzy' place to be! And very fragrant...

 Golden marjoram covers the top of the garden.
The Laundry Seat

This is a lovely place to sit on a winter's morning. There's always a cat or two for company.

 Painted, and covered with growing plants!
The Laundry Seat - 2008

Be careful you don't squash the blue Ajuga, or inadvertently sit on a bumble bee...

Update - 2021

Finally after a few years of the old wood rotting and disintegrating, the Laundry Seat has new replacement wood. Yeay! I can sit again without fear of falling over.

The Laundry Seat