Back in the garden again...

It's me, back in the garden after some days of distractions, followed by a couple of days of rain. The garden is suddenly weedy and unkempt, though it's been nicely watered. Many rose flowers are drenched, and foxgloves and lupins have flopped over.

 By the Herb Spiral.
Strawberry Hill Roses

Today I've been working away in the hot sun (silly), trying to re-impose order on the gardens around the back lawn. Even sillier. Who do I think I am? And because the lawns are long with wet grass, I'm using scissors to trim the edges. This would have to be the silliest time-waster known to person (in this case, woman).

 With the cricketers.
The Back Lawn and Gardens

I don't understand where all the grass seed weeds in this garden have come from. I don't know how to attack - no, better say this gently - start to pull down the dead woodshed rambler Paul Transon. I don't know why the path to the woodshed is suddenly so weedy. again, lots of grass seedlings. It's not fair.

Do a bit of grumble-typing...

As usual, when I start to feel a wee bit hopeless 'out there' I come inside to sort myself out. Listen to Faure's piano quartet, have a cup of tea, do a little bit of grumble-typing. Forgive.

 A favourite flowering annual.

To salvage the rest of the day (there's three hours left), here's the plan. Get the spade and scrape all the weeds off the woodshed path. Weed the grass out of the garden by the Herb Spiral and plant some flowering annuals in the gaps. By now the grass under the washing line should be shady. Pull out all forget-me-nots and Campion, and enlarge the grass path which leads therein, so the lawn mower can fit through (and mow this grass). Do not attempt to cut the long grass with scissors. This is super-silly and will wreck the hands. As a piano player, save the finger strength for Bach and Albeniz.

Make a start?

Maybe make a start on that rose. I'm sure Non-Gardening Partner will help me if it's too difficult. But I need to try.

Much later...

Well, I worked hard, with minimal use of the scissors, but ran out of time (and oomph). The path through to the washing line is now mowable, and I've cleared and dumped four heavy barrowfuls of mess under the hedge.

 In one of her chairs.
Minimus on the Cottage Verandah

Took a cold chocolate milk drink over to the cottage verandah to sit with Minimus the cat and listen to the tootling bellbirds. A lovely reward for a day's work. And more rewards - a bag full of new library books! Yippee! Have to go out to a singing rehearsal - hope that Speckles the stray cat comes to visit when I get home and into bed.