Foxgloves are great for filling up spaces in the garden.
foxgloves in various shades

Foxgloves have to be one of the most timeless plants in a garden. They are considered by some to be weedy. Others see foxgloves and immediately think of the prettiness of the cottage garden. I'm with them!

My bumble bees love the wee foxglove tubes. I've found bees dozing inside them in the early morning. Perhaps they spent the night in their bee hotels...

Apricot Foxglove Seeds

I've always liked foxgloves in the 'wild', but the first year I bought seeds I chose only the apricot and the white strains. Now I save my own, and I encourage next season's supply by shredding old flower heads in the chosen garden space.

And so I've got all colours, including the common magenta. Where did that one arrive from? There are always enough unknown coloured seedlings to transplant into new borders.

My original plantings of foxgloves in the Pond Borders were often flattened by the late spring winds, but now there is natural shelter. Some of the mature plants turn up in the most ridiculous places. That's part of their charm. Vertical accents in a flower garden create an extra layer of interest.

 They have the prettiest speckled markings.
Foxgloves Close-Up

Update - Spring 2009

Ha! I've just pricked out some punnets full of apricot foxglove seedlings - I'm back in a pastel phase.

 Lots of pale magenta shades.
More Foxgloves