Data base dilemma

Yippee! The website data base is fixed - it's been misbehaving for a couple of weeks. Wouldn't let me upload my journal pages. The reason is slightly embarrassing - it thought I was using too many rude words, and so it banned me. Hee hee. I consider myself a mature, polite lady gardener, and the content of my gardening journals is anything but rude. Lily white, me...

Hopefully all has been fixed up and I can now write freely, without the data base getting its knickers in a knot. Argh! Knickers! Careful now...

What a lovely day!

So today has been rather lovely. I've planted Calendulas and Beets in the Herb Spiral. I've shifted the path from Willow Bridge - the route is now much more sensible, easier to navigate with a loaded wheelbarrow. I had to dig out a couple of sad roses (one, which I think is Jaquenetta, will be potted up and given a second chance). I've spread horse manure mixed with chopped up forget-me-nots over the old path route, and sorted out the stone edges.

 Much more sensible.
New Path From Willow Bridge

Now I seem to have prematurely run out of puff. It's a bit early, but this is OK - gives me time to catch up with my web-gardening. And write a list of things to do tomorrow :

  1. Dig out Crambe - missed some of it, needs to be grown in a sunnier place.
  2. Plant out the lupins.
  3. Pot up Cosmos seedlings in glasshouse.
  4. Spread the rest of the horse manure.

Hope the word 'manure' isn't too rude. There are others that I could use...

 By the deciduous Azaleas.
New Waterside Garden

Tuesday 2nd November

Yeay! Have been for a swim, and already done two hours weeding and barrowing horse manure. The new piece of garden by the deciduous Azaleas is filled in, the stone wall is finished, and I've planted some Anemanthele grasses.

Now I have the hoses on and am giving all the driveway shrubs a good soak. Later the plan is to water the Pittosporums on the fence-line (have weeded underneath them, lots of annual grass seedlings).

So my gardening work is progressing, but I still have to keep going! It's only afternoon tea time, I have yesterday's list above to take notice of, and one really important task isn't even on it - repot the Canna lilies by the pond decking. Aargh! Messy job, this.

 In the Allotment Garden.
White Irises

Two hours later...

Sometimes one just has to compromise. I ended up using all my time spreading the remaining horse manure bags, adding some home compost to the mix. I did dig out the Crambe, but it's a mass of soft sprouts from slices of root flesh, and I'm not sure it will survive (it's in a large pot with potting mix).

Dear Lilli-Puss

Lilli-Puss, my old senile? cat, followed me back and forth, back and forth, round and round. Following me must make a change from following the dogs (she does this all the time). That is, if she notices the difference. But wait! I am higher up from the ground, less noisy, and much less furry.

Wednesday 3rd November

So I've caught up with the Canna potting I should have done yesterday. Have also done some Pelargoniums for the patio. And now I'm off to put the hoses onto those Pittosporums. I will also bucket some water on them. It's rather a nice afternoon, far too nice to spoil the atmosphere by lighting the bonfire.

Actually, in my gardening world 'bonfire' is one of the rudest words imaginable. Ha, silly data base! I'll bet you didn't pick up on that one!