Thankful and proud...

The early summer garden is simply beautiful. I'm so thankful. And just a little proud that some of it is of my own making. Like all those beautiful trees and big roses I planted years ago.

 And one of the last rhododendrons to flower.
Trees by the driveway

I also give thanks for my cats. Lilli-Puss and the Freds are fine, and Buster the black cat has suddenly decided she likes us all and is spending lots of time in the house. Beautiful Buster, you are most welcome.

 Huge eyes! He is not very tame.
Speckles the Visiting Cat

Cottage cat visitor...

Speckles the cottage visitor cat appeared in a flash for his dinner last night on the verandah. I talked to him at a distance of about one meter and for once he didn't scamper off. Minimus my cottage cat - so generous - completely ignored him.

Thursday 18th November

Already this morning I've watered the glasshouse seedlings, popped trays of purple Cornflowers and Marigolds outside, and planted Sweet Pea seedlings and beans around the mini-obelisk. Now off to my Silver Swans ballet class, not feeling very graceful...


Have come inside to get some strength from a cup of tea. Have collected and dumped six heavy barrowfuls of Alkanet. But am not doing so well mentally - definitely not in the mood for deep and meaningful, and time seems to be dragging. The sun has been beaming down. Hello sun! Buster has been lurking nearby, spying on me. Hello black Buster!

 My beautiful black cat.
Black Buster the Cat

Later - OK. I returned for two more hours and dug out more Alkanet, collecting and dumping three more heavy barrow loads. It's all I've been doing for days now. It stains my hands and prickles my legs. And it's so heavy to pick up. Poor me! So sad.

But look around! The trees and the roses are so beautiful. Marvel at them, smell them, pick them for the house (the roses, that is). Pinks, reds, yellows, whites. No blues. Leave the blues for the Alkanet flowers!

 A most beautiful rose with slightly mottled petals.
Zepherine Drouhan Roses

Next Morning...

No sign of Speckles (the cottage's cat visitor) for two nights now. Nothing was wasted (early this morning one of the Freds arrived and cleaned up the food bowl). My cat world will be less complicated if he stays away, yes? He is not my cat, so I mustn't be disappointed? But I am. Big cat softie, me. Hope he is OK.

Give thanks for Bach!

OK. I'm off to play Bach chamber music. Wonderful music. Something else to give thanks for.