An iris bed?

 One of the few to flower this year. Oops.
Beautiful Iris

Have been thinking about the irises in the Allotment Garden. I know they need sun, and their rhizomes need to be almost on the surface. Have just looked them up. Blast! 'Bearded irises must not be shaded out by other plants; many do best in a special bed on their own.'

So I could remove all the Alkanet (ha ha) from one of the Allotment Garden compartments, and turn it into a dedicated iris bed? Then they actually might flower! I have to do something - my singing friend has just given me two more bagfuls to plant.

Next day...

Still thinking irises while I fixed my dodgy dog deterrent fence into next door. I got very grumpy doing this - always feel very hard done by. Humph.

A decent dog-proof fence should be constructed by someone with expertise, the right tools and proper materials (she said, having repaired the holes in the netting with string, dug two new post holes with a little hand digger, and found two snapped off old posts to use).

Monday 22nd November

Not sure what to do today. Already it's started and stopped drizzling a couple of times, sending me scuttling indoors with suspiciously wet socks. There's no shortage of areas in which I could be working - have seen rather a lot of mess.

So here's the 'Things I Could Do' list :

Six good choices - I should toss a dice? Back soon, when all will be revealed. Or I could stay inside, change my socks, and play my piano...


I trimmed the edges of the Driveway Lawn and it took me ages. Call me silly but I dragged myself along on my bottom and used some large sharp dressmaking scissors. My edging shears have been sharpened but they don't cope with the patches of long lawn grass.

Wednesday 24th November

Piano practice first, then back to that list up there. Must pick some fresh roses for the house, too. Like Compassion and Othello - two fragrant beauties, blooming by the patio, easy to reach.

Right. Have pulled out some Alkanet (what else is there to do?) and poked around in the house gardens. Have brought over some marigolds to plant. Have cleared the patio of mess and pulled out more Campion (as one does).

 Dear old cat!

It's now quite hot outside, and am waiting for my bread. Yeay! It's just beeped at me. Yum. The perfect excuse to stay inside, eat, and get cosy with a book.

Thursday 25th November

An early morning garden wander to look for Lilli-Puss, who was missing. Confused my dogs by trying to wind them up into barking (something I usually do everything to discourage this). Lilli is drawn to their noise, and I was worried that she was seriously lost. Phew! She appeared ten minutes later, did a couple of quiet chirps when I patted her. OK - a bit lost in her head, but not lost in my garden.


The clumps of Japanese Irises I shifted are going to flower for the first time - they appear to be all yellow. Have been in the water race weeding around them, wearing my crocs, a sure signal that summer is here. The water isn't cold any more.

Still haven't made a decision about those big bearded irises. No rush I guess.