A regular gardening week

Finally a chance to have a regular gardening week. No shifting heavy firewood logs, no processing and burning of tree rubbish, just sliding around in my shorts feeling dreamy, reacquainting myself with the flowers and the beautiful greenery.

Tuesday 5th December

yesterday I made a good start on the gardens over the water race. I haven't weeded or worked over here for a few weeks now - enough time for the whole area to look totally neglected. How does that happen?

Today I need to get going quickly today, before all my gardening energy dissipates in a puff of dust or a cloud of smoke, or whatever. I have to deal urgently to the remaining forget-me-nots. Last night the dogs went outside on a secret mission and arrived back in the house absolutely covered in biddi-bids. A total dog-disgrace!

 Those manes are supposed to be pristine white!
Dogs with Biddi-Bids

So today I am continuing this work. It's a bit cool, but I have to wear my shorts, so I have to keep moving. I trim the edges, pull out the weeds, gather up the old forget-me-not plants, spread them around the rhododendrons, add horse manure etc. An easy recipe.


Non-Gardening Partner will be really annoyed when he gets home. He spent an hour cleaning sticky seeds off Winnie the dog last night, with much growling and protesting. I am sorry to say that she has - ahem - re-coated herself. Oops.

 Still lurking underneath the Olearia hedge, On strike?
My Cricketers

I've already done one two hour session, with great results, but am feeling strangely tired. I refuse to accept this as a lingering result of Covid. Am I being bloody minded? Too right! So I've made myself a coffee and am listening to the Women's cricket. But New Zealand is not doing too well. Right. Two more hours work - surely I can do this much. I refuse to curl up in a tired indoors blob, listening to New Zealand lose a cricket match. So there.

 With Orlaya.
Lichfield Angel Roses


I worked hard. Non-Alcoholic wine and an early night - simple rewards.

Wednesday 6th December

I worked hard again, trimming the edges of the gardens round the back lawn, and weeding. The Orlaya in the Herb Spiral looks magnificent, and the David Austin roses around the pergola are very very happy. Some have blooms a bit too heavy for their stems.

Thursday 7th December

I worked hard again! Today I worked by the dog kennels, doing exactly the same thing as yesterday. Weeds, forget-me-nots, and edges. I also spread some horse manure over by Willow Bridge, over the top of all the forget-me-nots.

Friday 8th December

And again, though I waited until mid-afternoon when it wasn't so hot. Today I sorted the edges in the Pond Paddock - well, one side at least. Lots of weeds, lots of forget-me-nots. Did a detour to pull out Cleavers from by the brick Koru courtyard. Memo to self. Remember there is some sort of large hole - gap? underneath part of the courtyard. A hollow, not to be trodden on. If I didn't know better I'd suspect a rabbit burrow.

A great week...

It's been a great week. I'm feeling lots better health-wise. Each day the dogs have re-coated their fur with sticky biddi-bids. My shorts have survived me sitting in dog poo twice. Speckles the stray has reappeared outside the cottage at night in cat-person, though he has yet again re-wilded himself. Hissssss....