Merry Christmas Speckles

A conversation on the cottage verandah between me and Speckles the stray cat, after dark late on Christmas evening...

Me : 'Helloooo, lovely cat. Haven't seen you for a while. How've you've been doing? Everything going OK?'
He : 'Hissssssssssss'
Me : 'It's Christmas. Merry Christmas, my lovely Speckley cat.'
He : 'Hissssssssssss'
Me : 'I've been putting dried food out every night for you. Hope you've been eating it.'
He : 'Hissssssssssss'
Me : 'Now, would you like some yummy wet cat food and milk for Christmas?'
He : 'Hissssssssssss'
Me : 'Here you are, my lovely.' (pats Speckles on the head) 'Merry Christmas...
He : 'Hiss'

 One of his most recent photographs.
Speckles Late November 2023

Better than nothing, I guess!