A gardening elf...

What do I want For Christmas? Aha! A gardening elf - a cheerful chap who will go outside after I've finished, collect all my stuff (including old coffee cups), empty my wheelbarrow, and stash it by the back door. Without having to be asked.

Christmas Day is looming. I would like to finish the Frisbee Lawn clean up in time for Christmas Day. Ha ha. That word 'finish' again. Whenever I wander around with my camera I see another area needing the word 'start' applied to it. Should I stop taking photographs?

 The perfect time for some blues.
Agapanthus Flower

A bit later...

Am just inside to reheat my coffee, thought I'd write a short update to give myself hope. Have been working in the shade in the Frisbee Border, underneath the far trees - weeding and chopping down spindly Pittosporums.

Am about to plant a load of Agapanthus - hope to spend no more than an hour doing this. Hope to have this area sorted by lunchtime. Ha! A milder word than 'finished'.


Sort of sorted? Not quite yet. Have cut down long clumps of grass and planted one load of Agapanthus. Have left everything outside - a wheelbarrow full of mess, hand tools, the lot.

Late afternoon...

That's quite enough work for me for Christmas Eve. I've trundled two more wheelbarrow loads over to the bonfire. I've planted another barrowful of Agapanthus pieces, and dug out a lot of grass weeds. Am very happy with this garden area. Agapanthus is such a useful plant for me. Some think it's a weed, but here under the trees it behaves itself impeccably. It survives the winters sheltered from the frosts. Sometimes it even flowers (I like the foliage anyway).

 Such a useful plant in my garden.
The Agapanthus is Planted

Feeling a little guilty because Non-Gardening Partner has just decided to do some more Olearia hedge trimmings burning. I like to help him, but I've worked for over five hours, and I've had a shower and changed into cool, clean apres gardening clothes.

 From me in my garden.
Merry Christmas 2023

Time to relax, hug the dogs, pat the cats, and get out the holiday library books (six Ngaio Marsh detective stories). Enjoy the garden, maybe go sit in it, pick roses for the house, water the pots. Remind NGP to run the big irrigation tonight. And wait for that gift-wrapped Elf to appear. Merry Christmas!