More about the longest list...

 In Henworld.

More about my huge list full of much needed garden improvements (twenty pages of detail, plus three collated master-lists) : plants to be shifted, plants to be potted up, new plants to buy, hee hee. I will be digging and shifting things for weeks.

Shift the agapanthus...

One of the recurring items involved is a mass movement of Agapanthus. Big plants are moving from behind the pond into Henworld (a wee garden by the old hen house, full of hen and rooster statues). Miniature plants are going here, there, and everywhere, to fill gaps and be happier.

Oh dear...

So all those pages of paper have been sitting on the kitchen bench for three days now. Oh dear. How very easy it is to write the most amazing gardening list ever. How lovely it is to read and re-read it, nodding wisely. How exciting it is to visualise everything finished, all the plants shifted, all the gaps filled, all the mess cleated up.

 By Henworld.
Pebbles on the Path

I think you can all guess where this is going. There can be no more procrastinating. Today absolutely has to be my first FOLLOW THE LIST day - I have no family commitments, no ballet classes or singing rehearsals, etc. I can do this! It's modular. I like modular. Everything is within my physical capabilities. And since my list encompasses the whole of my rather large garden, my dogs should really enjoy the exercise, walking here and there accompanying the wheelbarrow. Right?

 In Henworld.
Two More Chook Families

Am starting with Page 16 : The Hen-House Gardens. Details - I have to divide and replant Renga Renga (Rock lilies) in one border, and plant more Agapanthus in the gaps in Henworld. Nice. Can say hello to all my hen and rooster statues.

Three hours later...

For three hours I happily cleared gum leaves and bark out of Henworld, raked its circular path, and picked up hen statues, most of which had been knocked over by a visiting garden goblin. Some pieces of Agapanthus were sprouting from old roots underneath the hedge. Planted them in the gaps.

 In the Agapanthus.
Beige Chook Family

Then the sun came out and some annoying mosquitoes arrived. I got hotter and sweatier, and so more and mosquitoes turned up. Must be such a sweet thing, me. Continued on dodging the wee flying things, working at speed.

 Renga Renga to the left, Agapanthus to the right.
Hen House Garden Path

Clearing the path...

I spent ages clearing the path near Rooster Bridge, then divided and replanted a lot of Renga Renga along its edge. Scraped up lots more gum leaves and bark and dumped them under the hedge. So much mess! Thanks so much to all the majestic and beautiful Eucalyptus trees towering above.

Thanks you dogs...

My dogs watched me the whole time, and helped me stay safe by barking madly at next-door's tractor monster. And just when I was running out of puff, it started delicately raining. Yeay! The perfect excuse to stop.

Am very happy. But there's still room for more Agapanthus, and definitely room for a few more hens and maybe another colourful rooster. Chook chook chookie!