Nice and not so nice...

Good morning. I have big plans for today. They are nice and not so nice. One is stunning (a visit to a local rose nursery sale). Yeay! What a groovy reward this will be. I'll start off with something nice : taking the dogs around the orchard for a walk. Nice as long as Pebbles doesn't jump the fence and go into next door's paddock.

Pebbles the Dog

Then I have masses of gum leaves to collect up and burn. I'm going to try and clear out all the dry mess from under the Leyland hedge. There's not much I can say that's nice about this.

Morning coffee time...

Have only worked for an hour and a half and the bonfire still hasn't self-ignited, so am having a wee rest. Find myself thinking of all the things I'd rather be doing than burning. Naughty!

List of Other Things I Could Do Today. Shush...

  1. Wash my hair and read a book.
  2. Play my piano.
  3. Visit someone.
  4. Go to a cafe for lunch.
  5. Hang up my clean clothes (really?)

This coffee tastes great, by the way. Wonder how long I can spin out the drinking of it? Hee hee... Oh, alright. I'll go back outside. I like being outside. And I am not alone - my black cat Buster has been hiding in the hedge spying on me. Have changed into a cotton shirt to give me more clearing and burning energy.

A bit later...

I have a new list item. I will write it in bold font. 6. Buy a new wheelbarrow.

 Oh dear.
My Green Wheelbarrow Is Ruined!

Because, oh yes, not only had my bonfire self-ignited brilliantly, but my wheelbarrow was also well alight, its contents flaming merrily, green plastic blobs of its body dripping onto the lawn. Oops.

 Oh dear!
Twenty Years Ago...

A bit sad...

So I threw water on it, then got out the heavy metal wheelbarrow (which clunks along on its metal wheel) and collected four more loads. Feeling silly, and a bit sad. That green wheelbarrow has been my constant gardening companion for over twenty-five years. Sob sob.


Five more loads collected and burnt, and lots more Shasta daisies trimmed. My hands are a bit achy (from the secateurs), I have a slightly worn feeling in my lower back (the metal wheelbarrow is heavy to push) and my face is very pink - an English rose complexion? Maybe not. And I am very smoke-stinky.

But needs must! I'm off to the rose nursery, to which I do not deserve to go, having burnt my wheelbarrow. And honestly! Surely I have enough roses in my garden already?

 In the Hump Garden.
Blush Noisette Roses

Apres the Rose Nursery...

Well, well, well. I walked past the sign that said '10 Roses for $200'. I walked slowly around all the plants. Yes, I saw some roses that I liked. Yes, I saw some David Austin roses that I didn't have. And do you know what I did? I walked straight back to my car WITHOUT buying any. Ha!