My Great March Gardening List

Wattle Woods Path

Aha! Another great day spent working my way through my Great March Gardening List. Spent ages clearing the paths that lead from Rooster Bridge past the Camellias into the Wattle Woods. Love the spiky greenery in this part of my garden. I grow both Renga Renga (AKA Arthropodium cirratum and Agapanthus in here.

Saturday 4th March

Scraped and cleared the path and the immediate edges of the gardens. Dumped load after load of mess underneath the Leyland hedge - lots of plodding with a heavily laden wheel-barrow. Divided more Renga Renga and replanted it along the path edge. This plant is so generous, and will grow anywhere, though I prefer it to be in a relatively frost-free part of my garden.

Dragged self along on bottom, ruining yet another pair of gardening jeans. Not a problem! And not a sniff of a mosquito, either. Am very much on track, list-wise, and well focussed. Yeay!

And yeay for Buster my lovely black cat who turned up late in the day to check out my work. I suspect she'd been watching (spying on me) for a while. Love you, beautiful Buster.

 My beautiful black cat.
Hello Buster

After my shower I did something really naughty. I scrolled through an online rose nursery catalogue and made a list of new roses I liked the look of. Ferdinand Pilchard, Honorine de Brabant, Marie Moss, Shailers White Moss, and The Pilgrim made the final cut.

 An old-fashioned striped rose.
Honorine de Brabant

A rose reward?

Perhaps putting in an order could be my reward for doing all those list items? Never mind that I've only half-finished two pages out of twenty. Back in the day, some garden influencer wrote that Honorine was the best striped rose ever, so I bought one. For fifteen years all was well and her rose display was splendid. But a couple of years ago - pouff! Most of her had died back. So I finished her off.

Sunday 5th March

It's been steadily raining all day. But I had to sing in a morning Mozart Mass, then stay in town for an afternoon choir rehearsal (singing a Bach cantata and four Durufle motets). Singing in the rain - perfect timing! When I got home I ordered the new roses (hee hee - best not to dither) and added a naughty item to my list for the Wattle Woods. 'Buy some new Camellias' it said, in tiny writing. Oops.

 Astelias and Miscanthus
Potted Up!

Monday 6th March

I have potting mix. I have potted up the Astelia pieces, and dug out and potted up a Miscanthus grass. I have also shifted the miniature Agapanthus from behind the pond to the edge of Middle Path. Was careful to trim them back, especially the roots, and divide the clumps properly. Filled in the soil gaps with more potting mix. It all looks very nice.

I also took the time to clear the path behind the pond., trimming Anemanthele and Gleditsia suckers. Dug out some nearby clumps of big Agapanthus and planted them in Henworld. Probably wouldn't have remembered to do this if I hadn't written it on my list, hee hee. Nice work.