Rooster Bridge

Rooster Bridge is the gateway to the Hen House garden borders. Just across the water a dog-path wanders along close to the water race. There are many exciting foliage plants in the garden by the water.

 Now  I have a rooster again!
Rooster Bridge 2007

Our original rooster, after who the small bridge was named, is an enduring Moosey legend. He is remembered, but not much missed! In the middle of 2004 a visiting rooster appeared with two hens in tow, liked the gardens, and stayed for a while. The Mark Three Model Moosey rooster is currently in residence, but confined to the chicken run.

Early Photograph of Rooster Bridge

The photograph below was taken in the year 1999, shortly after this area of the garden was opened up for development.

 Early in garden history our pet rooster lived over here.
Rooster Bridge in 1999

And now that I have hens to feed, this bridge is walked over at least twice a day!

Head Gardener's Tidy-Up

Ha! That's me, after spending a whole wintry day digging out overgrown ferns and carex grasses, and sawing down Pittosporums. Now Rooster Bridge is safer to cross - it's visible, for one!

 Half way through my winter clean-up in 2010.
Head Gardener on Rooster Bridge

I regret to say that I am chookless at the moment. There's no early morning crowing to get me up and over Rooster Bridge into the garden.